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Project TitleHealth Related Quality of Life in Children with Epilepsy (CHEQOL)
Track CodeP29714
Short Description

The CHEQOL is a validated self-report and parent proxy respondent for health-related qualify of life that measures how people with epilepsy feel in relationships and are affected by the disease. This tool is easy to administer and suitable for children who are 8 years and older and their parents. The parent proxy measure is useful as a complement to the child self-report measure. The CHEQOL is available in English as well as four different languages.

Not Linguistically Validated (No Certificate of Translation available) : Chinese, Malay, Serbian, Vietnamese 

Reference: Epilepsia 2003; 44:598-612

The child questionnaire, to be completed by the child and parent questionnaire, to be completed by the parent, each consists of 25 questions.

License agreements for Academic Research and Evaluation Use in a Clinic are available. For any other purpose such as clinical trials or diagnostic, please contact the McMaster Industry Liaison Office at milo@mcmaster.ca  

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Posted DateJun 17, 2016 1:07 PM


Potential Applications

Available through Flintbox:

  • Academic research (<100 patients)
  • Evaluation Studies for a duration of three years in clinical settings for practitioners (e.g. physio or occupational therapists, family doctors) to evaluate patients. 

Other applications, please complete the request form at http://ip.mcmaster.ca/questionnaires/qol-request or contactmilo@mcmaster.ca

  • Clinical trials (including investigator-initiated clinical trials)
  • Larger scale observation or evaluation studies

State of Development

This is a validated and reliable quality of life questionnaire which as been used extensively in research and clinical trials since 2003.


Name Price
CHEQOL - Evaluation use in a Clinic 1,000.00 USD Buy
CHEQOL - Additional Administration to 100 patients - Academic study only 100.00 USD Buy
CHEQOL - Academic Research by a Researcher 150.00 USD Buy
CHEQOL -Academic Study by a Student 75.00 USD Buy