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Project TitleGlobal Ratings of Change Questionnaire (GRCQ)
Track CodeP29783
Short Description

The GRC is a validated questionnaire consisting of 10 questions that provides a global measure to confirm, interpret and generalize findings of a health related quality of life (HRQOL) instruments or outcomes.  It has 3 items that assess the overall effect according to whether a patient experienced any change in activity limitation, symptoms, or feelings since the treatment started using a 7-point scale. The GRC has been used to establish the clinically minimal important difference in evaluative studies or to measure a global ratings change in health status or HRQL. The GRC also establishes a range for changes in questionnaire scores that correspond to moderate and large changes in the domains of interest. These domains of interest, for the use of this questionnaire, can be focused to specific domains of health such as dyspnea, depression etc.

References: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2002; 55:900-908

     Mayo Clinic Protocol 2002; 77:371-83

Therapeutic area/applications:

  • Interprets questionnaire scores with individual patients or in groups of patients participating in controlled trials and in planning new trials

Tagshealth related quality of life, HRQOL, GRC, GRCQ, Global Ratings of Change, questionnaire, symptoms, feelings, depression, dyspnea
Posted DateJun 20, 2016 9:30 AM

Potential Applications

Available through Flintbox:

  • Academic research (<100 patients)
  • Evaluation studies for a duration of three years in clinical settings for practitioners (e.g. physio or occupational therapists, family doctors) to evaluate patients.

Other applications, please complete the request form at http://ip.mcmaster.ca/questionnaires/qol-request or contactmilo@mcmaster.ca

  • Clinical trials (including investigator-initiated clinical trials)
  • Larger scale observation or evaluation studies

State of Development


Name Price
Additional administration to 100 patients - academic study only 100.00 USD Buy
Evaluation Use in a Medical Setting 1,000.00 USD Buy
Academic Research by a Researcher 150.00 USD Buy
Academic Study by a Student 75.00 USD Buy